Some common ways for Small Businesses to avoid Employee Turnover

Employee turnover is not a once in a while thing. It happens every day. It happens with big companies as well as small companies. However this has more adverse impact on small businesses. First they have to put enormous amount of time and money in order to hire a right talent for their company and if an employee leaves the company then hiring a new employee again becomes quite frustrating, challenging and costly affair for small businesses. So, is there a way out for small businesses to avoid employee turnover? There is no fixed formula for it but for sure there are some common ways which small businesses can apply to retain employees. Here are some of those.

  1. Hire right people

The process starts right from hiring right candidates for your business. You should not just focus on talent and skills of the candidates. You also need to assess whether the people you are hiring are right fit for your company’s culture or not. How do they behave in certain situations? This can be assessed by asking some behavioral questions during the interview. Do inform them about your company culture and how the work happens on normal days in your company. One who accepts and fit into the small business culture from the beginning has possibility to stay in that company for long. And for better advice and support for this you can look for best HR services in Delhi and NCR.

  1. Offer good salary and benefits

 No matter what, good salary cannot be replaced with any other things. You must offer competitive salary to your employees. Money matters a lot for employees to fulfill their financial goals in life. Everyone has to pay for living, food, travelling and other expenses. You must check the industry wages being paid by your competitors in your local area at least. Once you offer a good salary to your employees then it cover well one part of financial offering. Apart from paycheck you also need to offer other benefits which are essential like health insurance and some non-essential benefits like catered lunches. This shows that you care for your employees and thus you reduce chance of employee turnover.

  1. Put the regular communication and feedback mechanism going

Once you have hired right people then your job is not done there. Your work starts from there in fact to keep employees motivated and encouraged to give their best for your company. If they get the feeling that there is no proper communication between leadership and junior level employees then they will start searching for new job. You need to keep the communication line open and transparent where everyone can share their ideas and discuss issues as well. Feedback is very much required. You must ask your employees what they think about the company, seniors and colleagues. If employees need to improve somewhere then seniors must tell them in an appropriate manner. This can be achieved through regular meetings.

  1. Engage them

If employees feel they are being valued in the company then they will stick to your company. But if they feel receiving no value then they will surely look to switch their job. Small businesses must make effort in making employees feel that they play an important role in the overall operation and growth of the company. They should be made a part of future plans and how they can grow by putting in effort to make business grow. If you are a small business and looking for best HR services in Delhi and NCR then you can contact us.

  1. Show your employees their career path

Every employee wants somewhat clear career path for himself/herself. As a small business your responsibility goes even higher to show your employees a great career path else like many others they can also very easily get attracted towards big companies. If you chart out and communicate a clear and bright career path to all your employees which they find best for them then you can avoid the issue of employees turnover to a great extent.


For a less or no employee turnover you can take services of best HR services in Delhi and NCR where the experts will guide you about avoiding employee turnover in detail after understanding your business and its requirements.


Some common hiring mistakes, a recruiter must avoid

Hiring takes time and money. It is desired so that mistakes are minimized or avoided by the recruiter while recruiting. This saves the recruiter from a wrong hiring for the company. Common mistakes can be as small as sending the job interview email to wrong candidate and letting the candidate know after sometime that it was a mistake on your side leaving the candidate dejected and you embarrassed. So, you can always make efforts to avoid some common hiring mistakes. We as a best recruitment agency in Delhi and NCR can help you in that. Meanwhile here are the some common mistakes a recruiter must avoid.


  1. Failing to create an appropriate job description

This is very important to create an accurate job description which is mentioned with all the details. If you fail to do this then chances are very high that you will less likely to attract candidates with the qualities and abilities which you are looking for. A good job description is not just a simple list of duties but it is more than that. It should describe the role of the employee in terms of its overall purpose and identify key areas of responsibility.


  1. Not maintaining a warm relation with the candidates during the hiring process

This is again very important. You must make regular communication with candidates to keep them interested. Don’t keep them waiting for long and out of the loop which makes situation worse for the candidate. You must know that the top talent won’t always be willing to endure a long drawn out process. Even if you have presented a great opportunity to them and they prefer it, still they could take a different offer in case they don’t hear from you in weeks. You must make their life easier even when there isn’t any news to deliver. You can do this by simply keeping the contact warm by checking in until the hiring process is complete.


  1. Using unconscious biased approach

Sometimes as a recruiter you may not be even aware that you are using biased approach unconsciously. Because hiring relies on your decision making abilities which are very mush subjective in nature so you must avoid unconscious bias. You should not discriminate against some candidates and favor some candidates of your liking based on their background, social class, gender etc. You must keep a holistic and fair approach to hire a great talent. In this process we can help as the best recruitment agency in Delhi and NCR.


  1. Looking only for right skills and experience and missing completely the right attitude

Right skills and experience is quite essential when you are looking to hire a candidate fit for your job position. But if you miss on the right attitude part of the candidate then you are bound to make a mistake which will cost you later. You cannot just focus on qualifications and experience. You must check for the attitude of the candidate which differentiates them from the rest.


  1. Being in hurry while recruiting

It is true that sometimes, the perfect candidate may not exist. You must accept this but you should not rush to hire just anyone. You can take your time. Think of cost of time and money to hire and train a candidate, only to find later that she does not suit the job. You may have to go for the entire recruiting process again which would be very painful. Interview twice if you have to and, if necessary.

Making these common mistakes directly impacts time and money of the recruiter. So, it is advised that you take services of best recruitment agency in Delhi and NCR.

5 Hot Tips for a Productive Job Search in 2018

Job search is not the way it used to be when you read a vacancy in newspaper or on a poster or some friend told you about a position and you applied for it. These methods still work but you must be aware and explore latest avenues to do a productive job search in 2018. External situation do change and you need to adapt yourself but some key internal factors will remain same like you still need to be patience, focused and persistent while searching for a great job. If you are on a hunt of job search in Delhi and NCR then you should keep following hot tips for a productive job search in 2018.


  1. Embrace technology even in non-technical job profile

 Gone are the days when you thought that only IT job seekers need to be well versed with technology. The way communication has changed in recent years everyone needs to be very good in using technology for their work be it finance or HR or any other job vertical. You must be good in using all email platforms, search engines, related software and so on.


  1. Change your CV format not just update it

 Like technology, format and syntax also keep changing after an interval. Now when you prepare your CV you must prepare it in the latest format and syntax so that the employer gets a good impression about you. You should keep your CV short, sweet and to the point. You should add a summary section to your CV instead of adding an objective statement. Use pointers to highlight the key point and do include few latest professional accomplishments relevant to your targeted job.


  1. Build online network

 Talking to someone one phone and meeting one in person still plays a great role in creating strong bonds. But apart from this you must take advantage of social media platforms to create your social network. You should keep in touch with prospect employers, industry leaders, your role models (if they are available online as most of them are), your seniors, your juniors, your family members, relatives and one you want to be in touch with. You can always learn from them and get easy access to your dream jobs. You should do this if you are on job search in Delhi and NCR.


  1. Build your personal brand

This is very important. Action speaks louder than words and you need to let the world know about actions that brought you success. If you are passionate about life and your work it should reflect in your personality and then doing self-branding will only enhance it. Don’t think that by doing personal branding you are boasting about yourself, in fact you are benefitting employers to know about you and your achievements and thus helping them to hire a great employee for their company.


  1. Set your objective clear

People often compromise on their core expectations to grab a job initially and later on repent for their decision. If you know that you deserve a job then you should not randomly send out job applications hoping that something would stick. Think clearly what would really make a position and a company a good fit for you. Be clear about things like whether you would be willing to relocate, the company’s values and if the people working there are actually happy. It is best to ask someone who has worked there before if you know them.

Hopefully above mentioned tips will help you in your job search in Delhi and NCR in 2018.