5 signs that you need help from career counselor

All those students or working professionals who are looking for a new career or career change at various stages of life seek some help from someone before they reach a final decision. That person may be a friend, teacher, colleague, parents or someone you know. But no matter how much they are close to you they may not always be able to give you correct guidance simply because career counseling is a science practiced by professionals. So the question is when do you need help from career counselor? Here are 5 signs that you need help from career counselor.

  1. You are trying for job but not getting results

You are sending your CV to various companies; you have uploaded your CV on various job portals. You are getting few calls in return as well but you are not landing a job. There is something wrong that is leading to this situation. Now you may need a career counselor who can you pinpoint what might not be working for you. They can help you rightly in the steps so that you get the job you want. They can help you in various ways like updating your resume, sharpening your interview skills or they may also give you the courage to consider a completely new career path that might be more fulfilling for you but you are scared of even thinking of it.

  1. You cannot take the accountability on yourself

If you are not doing what you need to do and you don’t know about it then it is an issue. You are not able to take accountability for yourself. In this situation you may need someone who not only helps you but also takes accountability for your success. Here the role of career counselor becomes important because they come with accountability. They will help you lay out a plan for you and make you stick to it. If you are simply passing days and weeks without any action, then a career counselor can help you get going.

  1. You are thinking to compromise

There comes a time in your life sometime when you start thinking of compromising because tried hard for the best job, best company and best career but failed. Now you want to settle for the secondary things. This may happen because of fear or a hurdle that is keeping you from still going for the career you want and you deserve. When you are caught in such situation, take help from a career counselor. They will get you away from fear and guide you through your career decision at such crucial point in your life.

  1. You are overwhelmed by other’s opinion about you

There are people around you who you think might help you in crunch times. But very often they give you opinions based on their own experiences and influenced by societal parameters. They tell you that you should do this, do that but none of those seem logical or motivational to you. They may be right or wrong but in such situation it is better you seek help from a career counselor who will give you ways through which you can take you own decision about your career.

  1. You simply don’t know what to do next

This happens with many people. They are doing well in their job but find no satisfaction. They ask themselves are they doing it right. But they don’t get the answer. Taking such a big decision is very tricky and full of risks as well. In this kind of situation especially when your one decision is going to change your life and people dependent upon you as well, you must seek help from a career counselor.