How to Handle Conflict in the Workplace?

When there is more than one, conflict at some point is obvious. In a corporate environment it is quite true and also can be seen quite frequently. It is only that some organizations handle it much better than the rest. Where conflict is handled properly, that workplace becomes a place where everyone wants to be and contribute to and where conflict is not managed properly, it hurts people and the organization in a small or big manner. So, the question is how to handle conflict in workplace? Well, it is better to learn how to handle conflict than thinking that it is an alien thing that will not occur in your organization. So, below are some points which you can follow to manage conflict in your organization.


  1. Define in clear terms what is acceptable what is not?

 Prevention is better than cure. Avoiding conflict in the first place should be your idea. So, don’t assume and define in clear terms what constitutes acceptable behavior in the organization. This is quite a positive step in avoiding or preventing conflict. Define job descriptions clearly so that everyone knows what is expected of them. Along with this a well-articulated chain of command should be in place known to all to allow for effective communication which will also help avoid conflicts. Make the rules, roles, leadership chain and other important things absolutely clear and publicly make it known what will be tolerated and what won’t be.


  1. Take the conflict head on

 After all steps to avoid conflict, you still will see conflicts taking place. And this is the time to take it on rather than avoiding it. Despite all preventive steps, if a conflict does flair up, your objective should be to minimize its severity by dealing with it quickly. You need to spend time identifying the reason and understanding to tackle it quickly will help to avoid further unnecessary conflict.


  1. Understand what is there for you in someone else’s conflict

 Before you indulge into conflict resolution you must see what’s in it for me (WIIFM). This is critical because you need to understand the motivation of others before you participate in the conflict resolution. You can avoid conflict by helping people around you achieve their objectives. If you apply similar approach when you are looking to jump into other’s conflict which is to take action that will help others best achieve their goals then you will face minimum friction in your way with regard to resolving conflict.


  1. Choose the conflict wisely

 Not every conflict needs you to jump in. Choose conflicts wisely and avoid conflicts for the sake of it. If you find that the issue is important enough which can create or escalate a conflict then it is very much important to resolve it. If the issue or situation is important enough, and it involves enough at stake, then surely people will do all necessary things like opening lines of communication and closing all kinds of gaps arising out of positional and/or philosophical differences.


  1. See the opportunity in conflict

This is true with life also. In every problem wise people see opportunity to learn and take lessons. When there is a conflict then it means there is disagreement. Now in disagreement there is an opportunity for growth and development as well if situation is handled well. If you are in top position you must leverage conflict for team building and leadership development. While handling divergent positions you may learn innovative ways to solve conflicts as well. Like all successful people you should also look for positives in all differing opinions.


Some Reasons Your Job Application Didn’t Get a Response

You apply for a job and wait for a positive response. But what if you did not get a response after you made your job application? For once it may be for some small reason but you would worry if your job application is not getting response again and again from employers you expected. You don’t need to worry too much if you did everything right and still did not get a response but you need to know if you made a mistake for which you did not get a response at all. So, what can be possible reasons for it? Well, here are some reasons why your job application did not get a response.


  1. Missing keywords in your job application

 For a single job position there may be hundreds of applicants applying. So, it is a possibility that HR personnel miss out on some job applications. To avoid this competent software is used by companies as application tracking system. So these automated systems look for some specific keywords which should be in your CV matching the keywords in the job description of the company. So, you need to take care of including these keywords so that your application is not missed out.


  1. Missing Subject line

Sounds very simple but it can lead to no response from an employer. This is again somewhat in line with first point that many applicants apply through email and if you are also sending your application through email which is the norm of the day then you must include prescribed Subject Line in your email else out of hundreds emails your application mail will surely be missed out by HR person of the company.


  1. Typing error

Now we don’t use pen and paper to write our CV. We prepare our CV mostly on computers using a software or application like MS Word. Here chances of typing and grammar mistakes are quite minimized with proper settings. But if you did not apply these settings they you may end up with some typing and grammatical error. If you send such application then you hive possibility of being rejected in the first place. So, double check your CV before you send it to the employer’s email id.


  1. Improper cover letter

 Cover letter is an essential part of job application. And many candidates make a mistake here while preparing their cover. They try to include everything in this single letter in order to impress the reader. This leads to lot of unnecessary stuffs which is of no use and the reader gets bored of. Along with this detailed cover letter does not mean it covers important things. So, you must prepare your cover letter in such a way that it is crisp, covers important things from employer’s point of view and your matching skills and experience for the job position.


  1. Wrong format of application

 Many people use Microsoft Word for creating resume and cover letter. These files are generally saved with .doc and .docx formats. Now you have put in everything in place in your CV and cover letter and you are expecting response for your job application but you don’t get it and you start wondering what went wrong. Well, you did everything right but unfortunately your CV file is not supported or compatible with the software used by employer and so they can’t open or see it properly your CV. So, you need to avoid this format issue by using universal software in use which looks same everywhere like .pdf files.


  1. You are overqualified for the job

 Yes, sometimes this also happens. You apply for a job thinking you are absolute fit or more than fit for the job. But employer finds that you are actually overqualified for the position. So, if they offer you the job you may not stay for a long period as you would soon look for a growth in terms of pay and position matching your skills and experience. Now your job application will not get a response. So, you need to assess yourself before you simply apply for a job.

5 Things You Should Not Do While Job Searching

Job Search is a serious work. No matter how badly you need or you want a job, you definitely don’t want to land into a wrong one. Job Search is an essential part in which you need to do right things to get your dream job. There are plenty of opportunities available and sometimes the opportunities are limited as well. Like this there are many external factors. Some you can control some you cannot. In all situations you need to be sure of what exactly you are looking in a job. For job search there are some dos and some don’ts. So, here are 5 things you should not do while job searching.


  1. Don’t make unprofessional or incomplete resume

 Yes, when you are doing your job search sometime you wonder why you are not getting calls from companies. You need to go back to basics and check if you have posted resume in wrong format or an incomplete one. Both can reduce your chances quite dramatically. You can do research on latest trend of making resume and never forget to furnish all important details in your resume. You can also seek professional’s help to create a correct resume.


  1. Don’t rush in for a job position

It is often seen that people underestimate their own skills and experience. In a hurry of getting a job they also start searching for jobs which they don’t find themselves comfortable in. They are ready to compromise even before they appear for their preferred jobs and sometime they give up after few failures. This you should not do. When you believe in yourself then only others will believe you. But don’t compromise else you will land in a job where you will not give your hundred percent which is not a good for both your personal and organization’s growth.


  1. Don’t be too narrow in your job search

Sometimes in order to get your preferred job you limit your job search unknowingly. While it may be true that you are looking for specific job title but you need to know that different job employers have different title for same job duties. So, you must widen your job search and read job positions offered by companies in detail to check whether they fit into your scheme of things or not.


  1. Don’t fail in doing your home work

Doing your homework is most essential thing for your job search. You must be well informed about the industry, leaders of the industry and the companies you are looking to apply in. Only your skill and experience will not be enough to grab your dream job. Companies always prefer candidates who do their homework right because it shows their proactive approach and habit of preparing well for things to come in life.


  1. Don’t fail to follow up after the interview

Once your job interview is over you should not just sit and wait for a call from HR of the company. Following up gives you one more chance to make a good impression. Everyone likes to be appreciated. So, you should leave a quick thank you note. You can also send an email or make a phone call. It is a good way to show that you are thankful for the time and opportunity given by the company. Following up also allows you to mention anything that you feel you missed during your job interview.


Avoid These Common Mistakes Describing your Current Job

When you are looking to switch job then you go through a fresh interview. Interviewers ask you about your current job and company. When you are describing your current job you may make a mistake of saying anything negative about it. You should not make such mistake. You are looking to grow and you are looking for a better job opportunity which you see in a company for which you are sitting in the interview but that does not mean you need to say anything negative about your current job or company. This leaves a bad impression. Like this you should avoid some common mistakes when you are describing your current job. Here are those:


  1. You should not complain

 When you are asked why you want to move on from your current job then you should not start complaining about your current job. You should not say that you want to leave your current job because you have n numbers of bad things about it. Rather you should talk that you are looking for new opportunity and growth prospect which you feel this new company can provide you.


  1. Don’t say that you learnt nothing substantial from your current job

You should not say that that you want a new job because you got no or very limited learning from your current job. Rather you should talk about the things which you learned from your current job which helped you grow. But you want to switch because your current job and company cannot support your long term goals.


  1. Don’t use jargon too much

 Even if you are coming from a job which is quite technical in nature you should avoid using too many jargon during the job interview. Don’t think that by using too many jargon you would sound intelligent. In fact it may simple frustrate your interview. This leaves an impression that you are trying to cover up for the lack of knowledge with excessive use of jargons to look and sound smart which may not go your way.


  1. Don’t be shy talking about your contributions in your current job

Yes, you are looking for a new job, a better job. You might be sitting for an interview in a bigger company than your current one but that does not mean what you have done so far is of no meaning. You should talk about your contributions in your current job as much as required. This shows enthusiasm you have for your job and your self-confidence as well.


  1. Don’t talk bad about your boss

Many employees don’t have many good things to say about their boss behind their back and vice versa. But you should not make this mistake of saying anything negative about your boss. Actually even if you don’t like your boss if you see clearly you have learnt so many things from your boss and he/she has contributed in your career growth and as a person as well. So, talk positive about your boss if asked in your interview.


So, no matter what is your reason to leave your current job and going for a new one, you should definitely avoid these mistakes when you are describing your current job.

How to get the most out of your job interview

Job interview is a process of converting a prospect into a team member for an organization. Interview is a critical process and every company carries out a job interview process to meet the prospects. Interviewers ask questions and based on that key decision is made about the candidates. This is the reason why employers must have clarity about what they are expecting from the interview process. Let us see some points about how to get the most out of your job interview:


  1. Proposing clearly what is on offer

If you want to get the best man/woman working for your company then you must be able to clearly tell the candidates what the company is going to offer to successful ones. You also need to know the expectations of interviewees and when there is a good match between the expectation and the offering then the real objective of interview can be met. This means both interviewers and candidate must be on same page.


  1. Know the candidate well

Once the offer part is clear, knowing the candidate is super essential. This can simply be done by asking “tell me about yourself”. The question sounds simple and repeated in each interview but the importance of the question is huge. After asking the question interviewers must listen to the candidate with patience. Let them put their value proposition for the role. You have to find why the candidate thinks he/she is fit for the job. If one can articulate it well then you have a bright candidate in front you.


  1. Ask the follow up questions right

After knowing the candidate asking correct follow up questions is quite essential. Now the questions should be focused on knowing the candidate’s ability of how he/she will accomplish the job given to them. What they will do is important but even more important is to know how they will go about the job. This opens up many aspects of candidates.


  1. Focus on skills and other things

To get the best out of job interview employer must focus on knowing the core skills and other strengths of the candidates. Core skill is required to do the job well and other strengths are performing well in harsh situations. In crunch situations the real strength of an individual comes across. During the job interview you need to test this side of the candidates as well. This will let you know that if they are put through tough situations who are the ones able to sail through. This you can know by knowing their past wherein they have faced any of such scenarios and did well.


  1. Check how much ready is the candidate

Even if one is talented and has skills required for performing the job still right candidates must be prepared, interested and curious. You need to check how much research they have done about your company and the industry your company is in. A bright and interested candidate always does the preparation before they appear for the interview. They check crucial facts about the company, industry, competitors, SWOT etc.


So, if an employer keeps these points in mind then they can get the best out of a job interview.

5 signs that you need help from career counselor

All those students or working professionals who are looking for a new career or career change at various stages of life seek some help from someone before they reach a final decision. That person may be a friend, teacher, colleague, parents or someone you know. But no matter how much they are close to you they may not always be able to give you correct guidance simply because career counseling is a science practiced by professionals. So the question is when do you need help from career counselor? Here are 5 signs that you need help from career counselor.

  1. You are trying for job but not getting results

You are sending your CV to various companies; you have uploaded your CV on various job portals. You are getting few calls in return as well but you are not landing a job. There is something wrong that is leading to this situation. Now you may need a career counselor who can you pinpoint what might not be working for you. They can help you rightly in the steps so that you get the job you want. They can help you in various ways like updating your resume, sharpening your interview skills or they may also give you the courage to consider a completely new career path that might be more fulfilling for you but you are scared of even thinking of it.

  1. You cannot take the accountability on yourself

If you are not doing what you need to do and you don’t know about it then it is an issue. You are not able to take accountability for yourself. In this situation you may need someone who not only helps you but also takes accountability for your success. Here the role of career counselor becomes important because they come with accountability. They will help you lay out a plan for you and make you stick to it. If you are simply passing days and weeks without any action, then a career counselor can help you get going.

  1. You are thinking to compromise

There comes a time in your life sometime when you start thinking of compromising because tried hard for the best job, best company and best career but failed. Now you want to settle for the secondary things. This may happen because of fear or a hurdle that is keeping you from still going for the career you want and you deserve. When you are caught in such situation, take help from a career counselor. They will get you away from fear and guide you through your career decision at such crucial point in your life.

  1. You are overwhelmed by other’s opinion about you

There are people around you who you think might help you in crunch times. But very often they give you opinions based on their own experiences and influenced by societal parameters. They tell you that you should do this, do that but none of those seem logical or motivational to you. They may be right or wrong but in such situation it is better you seek help from a career counselor who will give you ways through which you can take you own decision about your career.

  1. You simply don’t know what to do next

This happens with many people. They are doing well in their job but find no satisfaction. They ask themselves are they doing it right. But they don’t get the answer. Taking such a big decision is very tricky and full of risks as well. In this kind of situation especially when your one decision is going to change your life and people dependent upon you as well, you must seek help from a career counselor.

5 ways to attract and recruit software developer

Techies have been in demand for two decades now. They are wanted by every company and the trend continues. India saw its early boom of software industry in early 21st century and since then demand for software developers has been there. This saw rise in number of software developers coming out of colleges as well. Thus recruiting software developer is also a challenge. So, the question is from talented lot of software developers how do you attract and recruit software developers for your company? Well, here are 5 ways to attract and recruit software developer.


  1. Start your search in the right direction

First thing for you is to know where you will get software developers. You can start with personal networking. Personal referrals still dominate the most productive source for hiring new talents. Then you can check on social media. Many developers are active with their blogs and may contribute as open source coder. You can follow their work and if you find their technical acumen a fit for your company then you can offer them the job position. If you are stuck then you can always consult best recruiting agency that have pool of talent.

  1. Once you know where they are you can write or call them

 Now you have found some talented software developers CVs. Now you can write personalize email informing them about what you are going to offer and why they should join your company. This way you can reach out to the prospects. In your email, try to keep the message a personalized one and keep it around the need of the candidate and not of the company. Alternatively you can call the prospect and put your message across. This allows you to establish an early connection with your prospect software developers.

  1. During the interview get the great developers

 Once you sent emails and talked to the candidates directly you ended up in calling them for interview. Now what? Now is the time to choose great ones from the lot. You are definitely looking for the best software developer for your company. So, your interview process is a chance to identify those people who are truly right for your company. You can follow a structured interview process. You need to know what exactly you are looking for in a candidate. For a software developer technical skill matters a lot. But don’t forget to check soft skills which are equally important.

  1. Sell a bright future to the candidate

This is true for every hiring and software developer hiring is no exception. You have got the candidates shortlisted after the interview but why should they join your company as they might have offers from other companies too and more importantly why they would stay loyal to your company for a long period of time. Changing jobs quickly is quite common and unless you sell a bright future to the candidate, he/she would not join your company or would leave the company the moment they get a better opportunity. For this you need to pay them well for sure but you also need to lay out a plan for them on how they can move up in your company,in the position and continue to grow in their career.

  1. Ask for referrals from selected ones

Already mentioned that referral is the best way to attract and hire not just software developers but other job candidates as well. This is the least expensive way and this also ensures highest quality of hiring. So, when you have a team of software developers you should keep asking them if they know others in their network who could be good for the company. However you need to note that referral programs can work best when marketed well within the company. So, there has to be rewards in terms of money and other gifts and experiences.

Today not just an IT company but every company needs a software developer. Retailers need them to build a shopping website for their company while manufacturers need them to build programs to make their factories more effective and efficient and healthcare companies also require software developers to build tracking tools to save lives of many. Thus, demand is there and everyone needs quality people for their company. So, while recruiting you have to spend time, money and energy. And for best results you can always take services of external recruiting agencies.



Common Interview Questions And How to Answer Them

When you go for a job interview you prepare a lot. Preparation is good. It keeps you calm and better equipped to qualify for the interview. However you can be smart in preparation for your job interview. For this you can know that there are some common interview questions and how to answer them. Knowing the common questions asked in the interview does not mean that you have to memorize the answers. No, you cannot. You need to be true and ask yourself before you prepare the answers. If you do this then it will come across as a true answer to the interviewers. You can take services of Job counseling services in Delhi NCR for this also. For your help, here are some common interview questions and how to answer them.

  1. Tell us about yourself

This is most probably the first question you will be asked in your interview. This question is an ice breaker between the candidate and interviewers. When answering this question you have an opportunity to introduce yourself completely. But you should tell about yourself only those things that tell about your candidacy. How you are fit for the job is what you have to tell while answering this question.

  1. Why do you want this job?

This is very common question. When you answer this question keep in mind that you are being asked about the job and not you. So talk positive things about that job that attracts you. Don’t answer like why you need a job. You have an opportunity here to tell the interviewers that you have read about the job, you have given it a consideration and you understand what the job is, at least the basics of it.

  1. Tell us about your strengths

This question allows you to tell about your strengths in detail. However, if most of your strength that you are going to talk about matches with the job requirement and company culture then it will be great. That does not mean that you cannot tell about your other strengths. Don’t try artificially to suggest that you are perfect fit for the job. Be true and honest. Show that you are a team player and you can shine the best when you work alone as well. If your strengths meet the job perfectly then your chances goes higher of being selected.

  1. Where can you see yourself after 5 years?

People switch job very quickly these days. No company would like this as the cost of hiring a new talent is quite high. Apart from that they don’t want to incur cost of training and grooming an employee who soon after that will switch to another company. This is why when you answer this question you need to be smart. You cannot say for the sake of pleasing interviewers that you will remain in this job only. Instead of that you can say that five years down the line you would like to see yourself in your dream job. If company likes you so much then they will also work towards creating your dream job keeping your passion, interests and experience in mind.

  1. Why should we hire you?

This question is quite valid. Because there are many candidates applying for the job so the real question is what separates you from the rest. So, if you have gone through the job requirements and you can point by point match the skill, experience and strength required for it then it is a great start to answer this question. However how you are the best among the lot is a question that has to be answered mindfully. You can play a role of salesperson here who is pitching for him/her. Your selling ability will decide how best you can answer this question.

So, these are some common but important questions which you must prepare before you go for an interview. You got an idea how to answer them but if you need help then you can get it from reputed Job counseling services in Delhi NCR like us.


5 tips for start-up recruiting a new talent

It may look simple to recruit new talent for a start-up but it is not. One common mistake that a startup makes while recruiting a new talent is that it looks for short term goal. However hiring should be with long term goals in mind so that you don’t need to go through hiring process all over again in future. A startup has huge constraint of resources so it is essential that a startup takes special care while recruiting a new talent. Here are some tips for startup recruiting a new talent which will help recruitment for startups in Delhi and NCR. 

  1. Plan Properly

A startup should not just follow the industry trend while recruiting. No matter how eager you may be to have a great new talent on board, it is important that you plan out the long term strategy and budgets of the business and then go ahead for the recruitment. When you make a long term road map it helps you to keep your recruitment goals on track.

  1. Be specifics in the job description

If you publish your job description like most other companies are doing then you are bound to get generic responses from the candidates. This is not good for your hiring objective. You need to be specific about your job requirement then only you will receive candidates sending application with matching skills and/or experience. As your requirement is specific so you need tailored resume being produced by a talent. This is only possible when you let them know what exactly you are looking for.

  1. Efficiency is the key

As a startup you need to be efficient not only in other works of the company but also in your recruitment process. Though you need the best talent yet you cannot afford to lose too much money and time on it. You must keep an eye on how much employee hour and money is being spent on new recruitment. If you find inefficiencies causing wastage of resources then you must cut down upon those factors and keep your recruitment process go on in the most possible efficient manner to search the best talent.

  1. Proper screening of candidates

A startup need a talent who will do more than asked for the company. To achieve this, the interview process cannot just focus to know the candidate’s kill, experience and few other details. The interviewers must put the candidate under pressure situations to asses him/her properly. Also pre-interview assignments can be given to the candidates to check whether the candidate is just good on paper or he/she is actually a top performer.

  1. Choose intelligence over experience where appropriate

As a startup you want to create a strong team for your company. Like many you may also consider that experience is an essential part to create a strong team. For some roles it definitely requires experience else the candidate cannot deliver results. For example an advanced IT job role requires years of experience and similarly marketing manager may also require experience. Having said this you must keep in mind that experienced guys may have a set pattern of functioning and you may require a team that is agile and aggressive. So,clearly you need to prioritize where to choose experience and where fresh and young intelligent talent will do the best.

You can follow these steps for recruitment for startups in Delhi and NCR and other parts of the country and the world at large as well.

Some common ways for Small Businesses to avoid Employee Turnover

Employee turnover is not a once in a while thing. It happens every day. It happens with big companies as well as small companies. However this has more adverse impact on small businesses. First they have to put enormous amount of time and money in order to hire a right talent for their company and if an employee leaves the company then hiring a new employee again becomes quite frustrating, challenging and costly affair for small businesses. So, is there a way out for small businesses to avoid employee turnover? There is no fixed formula for it but for sure there are some common ways which small businesses can apply to retain employees. Here are some of those.

  1. Hire right people

The process starts right from hiring right candidates for your business. You should not just focus on talent and skills of the candidates. You also need to assess whether the people you are hiring are right fit for your company’s culture or not. How do they behave in certain situations? This can be assessed by asking some behavioral questions during the interview. Do inform them about your company culture and how the work happens on normal days in your company. One who accepts and fit into the small business culture from the beginning has possibility to stay in that company for long. And for better advice and support for this you can look for best HR services in Delhi and NCR.

  1. Offer good salary and benefits

 No matter what, good salary cannot be replaced with any other things. You must offer competitive salary to your employees. Money matters a lot for employees to fulfill their financial goals in life. Everyone has to pay for living, food, travelling and other expenses. You must check the industry wages being paid by your competitors in your local area at least. Once you offer a good salary to your employees then it cover well one part of financial offering. Apart from paycheck you also need to offer other benefits which are essential like health insurance and some non-essential benefits like catered lunches. This shows that you care for your employees and thus you reduce chance of employee turnover.

  1. Put the regular communication and feedback mechanism going

Once you have hired right people then your job is not done there. Your work starts from there in fact to keep employees motivated and encouraged to give their best for your company. If they get the feeling that there is no proper communication between leadership and junior level employees then they will start searching for new job. You need to keep the communication line open and transparent where everyone can share their ideas and discuss issues as well. Feedback is very much required. You must ask your employees what they think about the company, seniors and colleagues. If employees need to improve somewhere then seniors must tell them in an appropriate manner. This can be achieved through regular meetings.

  1. Engage them

If employees feel they are being valued in the company then they will stick to your company. But if they feel receiving no value then they will surely look to switch their job. Small businesses must make effort in making employees feel that they play an important role in the overall operation and growth of the company. They should be made a part of future plans and how they can grow by putting in effort to make business grow. If you are a small business and looking for best HR services in Delhi and NCR then you can contact us.

  1. Show your employees their career path

Every employee wants somewhat clear career path for himself/herself. As a small business your responsibility goes even higher to show your employees a great career path else like many others they can also very easily get attracted towards big companies. If you chart out and communicate a clear and bright career path to all your employees which they find best for them then you can avoid the issue of employees turnover to a great extent.


For a less or no employee turnover you can take services of best HR services in Delhi and NCR where the experts will guide you about avoiding employee turnover in detail after understanding your business and its requirements.