5 ways to attract and recruit software developer

Techies have been in demand for two decades now. They are wanted by every company and the trend continues. India saw its early boom of software industry in early 21st century and since then demand for software developers has been there. This saw rise in number of software developers coming out of colleges as well. Thus recruiting software developer is also a challenge. So, the question is from talented lot of software developers how do you attract and recruit software developers for your company? Well, here are 5 ways to attract and recruit software developer.


  1. Start your search in the right direction

First thing for you is to know where you will get software developers. You can start with personal networking. Personal referrals still dominate the most productive source for hiring new talents. Then you can check on social media. Many developers are active with their blogs and may contribute as open source coder. You can follow their work and if you find their technical acumen a fit for your company then you can offer them the job position. If you are stuck then you can always consult best recruiting agency that have pool of talent.

  1. Once you know where they are you can write or call them

 Now you have found some talented software developers CVs. Now you can write personalize email informing them about what you are going to offer and why they should join your company. This way you can reach out to the prospects. In your email, try to keep the message a personalized one and keep it around the need of the candidate and not of the company. Alternatively you can call the prospect and put your message across. This allows you to establish an early connection with your prospect software developers.

  1. During the interview get the great developers

 Once you sent emails and talked to the candidates directly you ended up in calling them for interview. Now what? Now is the time to choose great ones from the lot. You are definitely looking for the best software developer for your company. So, your interview process is a chance to identify those people who are truly right for your company. You can follow a structured interview process. You need to know what exactly you are looking for in a candidate. For a software developer technical skill matters a lot. But don’t forget to check soft skills which are equally important.

  1. Sell a bright future to the candidate

This is true for every hiring and software developer hiring is no exception. You have got the candidates shortlisted after the interview but why should they join your company as they might have offers from other companies too and more importantly why they would stay loyal to your company for a long period of time. Changing jobs quickly is quite common and unless you sell a bright future to the candidate, he/she would not join your company or would leave the company the moment they get a better opportunity. For this you need to pay them well for sure but you also need to lay out a plan for them on how they can move up in your company,in the position and continue to grow in their career.

  1. Ask for referrals from selected ones

Already mentioned that referral is the best way to attract and hire not just software developers but other job candidates as well. This is the least expensive way and this also ensures highest quality of hiring. So, when you have a team of software developers you should keep asking them if they know others in their network who could be good for the company. However you need to note that referral programs can work best when marketed well within the company. So, there has to be rewards in terms of money and other gifts and experiences.

Today not just an IT company but every company needs a software developer. Retailers need them to build a shopping website for their company while manufacturers need them to build programs to make their factories more effective and efficient and healthcare companies also require software developers to build tracking tools to save lives of many. Thus, demand is there and everyone needs quality people for their company. So, while recruiting you have to spend time, money and energy. And for best results you can always take services of external recruiting agencies.



Common Interview Questions And How to Answer Them

When you go for a job interview you prepare a lot. Preparation is good. It keeps you calm and better equipped to qualify for the interview. However you can be smart in preparation for your job interview. For this you can know that there are some common interview questions and how to answer them. Knowing the common questions asked in the interview does not mean that you have to memorize the answers. No, you cannot. You need to be true and ask yourself before you prepare the answers. If you do this then it will come across as a true answer to the interviewers. You can take services of Job counseling services in Delhi NCR for this also. For your help, here are some common interview questions and how to answer them.

  1. Tell us about yourself

This is most probably the first question you will be asked in your interview. This question is an ice breaker between the candidate and interviewers. When answering this question you have an opportunity to introduce yourself completely. But you should tell about yourself only those things that tell about your candidacy. How you are fit for the job is what you have to tell while answering this question.

  1. Why do you want this job?

This is very common question. When you answer this question keep in mind that you are being asked about the job and not you. So talk positive things about that job that attracts you. Don’t answer like why you need a job. You have an opportunity here to tell the interviewers that you have read about the job, you have given it a consideration and you understand what the job is, at least the basics of it.

  1. Tell us about your strengths

This question allows you to tell about your strengths in detail. However, if most of your strength that you are going to talk about matches with the job requirement and company culture then it will be great. That does not mean that you cannot tell about your other strengths. Don’t try artificially to suggest that you are perfect fit for the job. Be true and honest. Show that you are a team player and you can shine the best when you work alone as well. If your strengths meet the job perfectly then your chances goes higher of being selected.

  1. Where can you see yourself after 5 years?

People switch job very quickly these days. No company would like this as the cost of hiring a new talent is quite high. Apart from that they don’t want to incur cost of training and grooming an employee who soon after that will switch to another company. This is why when you answer this question you need to be smart. You cannot say for the sake of pleasing interviewers that you will remain in this job only. Instead of that you can say that five years down the line you would like to see yourself in your dream job. If company likes you so much then they will also work towards creating your dream job keeping your passion, interests and experience in mind.

  1. Why should we hire you?

This question is quite valid. Because there are many candidates applying for the job so the real question is what separates you from the rest. So, if you have gone through the job requirements and you can point by point match the skill, experience and strength required for it then it is a great start to answer this question. However how you are the best among the lot is a question that has to be answered mindfully. You can play a role of salesperson here who is pitching for him/her. Your selling ability will decide how best you can answer this question.

So, these are some common but important questions which you must prepare before you go for an interview. You got an idea how to answer them but if you need help then you can get it from reputed Job counseling services in Delhi NCR like us.


5 tips for start-up recruiting a new talent

It may look simple to recruit new talent for a start-up but it is not. One common mistake that a startup makes while recruiting a new talent is that it looks for short term goal. However hiring should be with long term goals in mind so that you don’t need to go through hiring process all over again in future. A startup has huge constraint of resources so it is essential that a startup takes special care while recruiting a new talent. Here are some tips for startup recruiting a new talent which will help recruitment for startups in Delhi and NCR. 

  1. Plan Properly

A startup should not just follow the industry trend while recruiting. No matter how eager you may be to have a great new talent on board, it is important that you plan out the long term strategy and budgets of the business and then go ahead for the recruitment. When you make a long term road map it helps you to keep your recruitment goals on track.

  1. Be specifics in the job description

If you publish your job description like most other companies are doing then you are bound to get generic responses from the candidates. This is not good for your hiring objective. You need to be specific about your job requirement then only you will receive candidates sending application with matching skills and/or experience. As your requirement is specific so you need tailored resume being produced by a talent. This is only possible when you let them know what exactly you are looking for.

  1. Efficiency is the key

As a startup you need to be efficient not only in other works of the company but also in your recruitment process. Though you need the best talent yet you cannot afford to lose too much money and time on it. You must keep an eye on how much employee hour and money is being spent on new recruitment. If you find inefficiencies causing wastage of resources then you must cut down upon those factors and keep your recruitment process go on in the most possible efficient manner to search the best talent.

  1. Proper screening of candidates

A startup need a talent who will do more than asked for the company. To achieve this, the interview process cannot just focus to know the candidate’s kill, experience and few other details. The interviewers must put the candidate under pressure situations to asses him/her properly. Also pre-interview assignments can be given to the candidates to check whether the candidate is just good on paper or he/she is actually a top performer.

  1. Choose intelligence over experience where appropriate

As a startup you want to create a strong team for your company. Like many you may also consider that experience is an essential part to create a strong team. For some roles it definitely requires experience else the candidate cannot deliver results. For example an advanced IT job role requires years of experience and similarly marketing manager may also require experience. Having said this you must keep in mind that experienced guys may have a set pattern of functioning and you may require a team that is agile and aggressive. So,clearly you need to prioritize where to choose experience and where fresh and young intelligent talent will do the best.

You can follow these steps for recruitment for startups in Delhi and NCR and other parts of the country and the world at large as well.

Some common ways for Small Businesses to avoid Employee Turnover

Employee turnover is not a once in a while thing. It happens every day. It happens with big companies as well as small companies. However this has more adverse impact on small businesses. First they have to put enormous amount of time and money in order to hire a right talent for their company and if an employee leaves the company then hiring a new employee again becomes quite frustrating, challenging and costly affair for small businesses. So, is there a way out for small businesses to avoid employee turnover? There is no fixed formula for it but for sure there are some common ways which small businesses can apply to retain employees. Here are some of those.

  1. Hire right people

The process starts right from hiring right candidates for your business. You should not just focus on talent and skills of the candidates. You also need to assess whether the people you are hiring are right fit for your company’s culture or not. How do they behave in certain situations? This can be assessed by asking some behavioral questions during the interview. Do inform them about your company culture and how the work happens on normal days in your company. One who accepts and fit into the small business culture from the beginning has possibility to stay in that company for long. And for better advice and support for this you can look for best HR services in Delhi and NCR.

  1. Offer good salary and benefits

 No matter what, good salary cannot be replaced with any other things. You must offer competitive salary to your employees. Money matters a lot for employees to fulfill their financial goals in life. Everyone has to pay for living, food, travelling and other expenses. You must check the industry wages being paid by your competitors in your local area at least. Once you offer a good salary to your employees then it cover well one part of financial offering. Apart from paycheck you also need to offer other benefits which are essential like health insurance and some non-essential benefits like catered lunches. This shows that you care for your employees and thus you reduce chance of employee turnover.

  1. Put the regular communication and feedback mechanism going

Once you have hired right people then your job is not done there. Your work starts from there in fact to keep employees motivated and encouraged to give their best for your company. If they get the feeling that there is no proper communication between leadership and junior level employees then they will start searching for new job. You need to keep the communication line open and transparent where everyone can share their ideas and discuss issues as well. Feedback is very much required. You must ask your employees what they think about the company, seniors and colleagues. If employees need to improve somewhere then seniors must tell them in an appropriate manner. This can be achieved through regular meetings.

  1. Engage them

If employees feel they are being valued in the company then they will stick to your company. But if they feel receiving no value then they will surely look to switch their job. Small businesses must make effort in making employees feel that they play an important role in the overall operation and growth of the company. They should be made a part of future plans and how they can grow by putting in effort to make business grow. If you are a small business and looking for best HR services in Delhi and NCR then you can contact us.

  1. Show your employees their career path

Every employee wants somewhat clear career path for himself/herself. As a small business your responsibility goes even higher to show your employees a great career path else like many others they can also very easily get attracted towards big companies. If you chart out and communicate a clear and bright career path to all your employees which they find best for them then you can avoid the issue of employees turnover to a great extent.


For a less or no employee turnover you can take services of best HR services in Delhi and NCR where the experts will guide you about avoiding employee turnover in detail after understanding your business and its requirements.


Some common hiring mistakes, a recruiter must avoid

Hiring takes time and money. It is desired so that mistakes are minimized or avoided by the recruiter while recruiting. This saves the recruiter from a wrong hiring for the company. Common mistakes can be as small as sending the job interview email to wrong candidate and letting the candidate know after sometime that it was a mistake on your side leaving the candidate dejected and you embarrassed. So, you can always make efforts to avoid some common hiring mistakes. We as a best recruitment agency in Delhi and NCR can help you in that. Meanwhile here are the some common mistakes a recruiter must avoid.


  1. Failing to create an appropriate job description

This is very important to create an accurate job description which is mentioned with all the details. If you fail to do this then chances are very high that you will less likely to attract candidates with the qualities and abilities which you are looking for. A good job description is not just a simple list of duties but it is more than that. It should describe the role of the employee in terms of its overall purpose and identify key areas of responsibility.


  1. Not maintaining a warm relation with the candidates during the hiring process

This is again very important. You must make regular communication with candidates to keep them interested. Don’t keep them waiting for long and out of the loop which makes situation worse for the candidate. You must know that the top talent won’t always be willing to endure a long drawn out process. Even if you have presented a great opportunity to them and they prefer it, still they could take a different offer in case they don’t hear from you in weeks. You must make their life easier even when there isn’t any news to deliver. You can do this by simply keeping the contact warm by checking in until the hiring process is complete.


  1. Using unconscious biased approach

Sometimes as a recruiter you may not be even aware that you are using biased approach unconsciously. Because hiring relies on your decision making abilities which are very mush subjective in nature so you must avoid unconscious bias. You should not discriminate against some candidates and favor some candidates of your liking based on their background, social class, gender etc. You must keep a holistic and fair approach to hire a great talent. In this process we can help as the best recruitment agency in Delhi and NCR.


  1. Looking only for right skills and experience and missing completely the right attitude

Right skills and experience is quite essential when you are looking to hire a candidate fit for your job position. But if you miss on the right attitude part of the candidate then you are bound to make a mistake which will cost you later. You cannot just focus on qualifications and experience. You must check for the attitude of the candidate which differentiates them from the rest.


  1. Being in hurry while recruiting

It is true that sometimes, the perfect candidate may not exist. You must accept this but you should not rush to hire just anyone. You can take your time. Think of cost of time and money to hire and train a candidate, only to find later that she does not suit the job. You may have to go for the entire recruiting process again which would be very painful. Interview twice if you have to and, if necessary.

Making these common mistakes directly impacts time and money of the recruiter. So, it is advised that you take services of best recruitment agency in Delhi and NCR.

5 Hot Tips for a Productive Job Search in 2018

Job search is not the way it used to be when you read a vacancy in newspaper or on a poster or some friend told you about a position and you applied for it. These methods still work but you must be aware and explore latest avenues to do a productive job search in 2018. External situation do change and you need to adapt yourself but some key internal factors will remain same like you still need to be patience, focused and persistent while searching for a great job. If you are on a hunt of job search in Delhi and NCR then you should keep following hot tips for a productive job search in 2018.


  1. Embrace technology even in non-technical job profile

 Gone are the days when you thought that only IT job seekers need to be well versed with technology. The way communication has changed in recent years everyone needs to be very good in using technology for their work be it finance or HR or any other job vertical. You must be good in using all email platforms, search engines, related software and so on.


  1. Change your CV format not just update it

 Like technology, format and syntax also keep changing after an interval. Now when you prepare your CV you must prepare it in the latest format and syntax so that the employer gets a good impression about you. You should keep your CV short, sweet and to the point. You should add a summary section to your CV instead of adding an objective statement. Use pointers to highlight the key point and do include few latest professional accomplishments relevant to your targeted job.


  1. Build online network

 Talking to someone one phone and meeting one in person still plays a great role in creating strong bonds. But apart from this you must take advantage of social media platforms to create your social network. You should keep in touch with prospect employers, industry leaders, your role models (if they are available online as most of them are), your seniors, your juniors, your family members, relatives and one you want to be in touch with. You can always learn from them and get easy access to your dream jobs. You should do this if you are on job search in Delhi and NCR.


  1. Build your personal brand

This is very important. Action speaks louder than words and you need to let the world know about actions that brought you success. If you are passionate about life and your work it should reflect in your personality and then doing self-branding will only enhance it. Don’t think that by doing personal branding you are boasting about yourself, in fact you are benefitting employers to know about you and your achievements and thus helping them to hire a great employee for their company.


  1. Set your objective clear

People often compromise on their core expectations to grab a job initially and later on repent for their decision. If you know that you deserve a job then you should not randomly send out job applications hoping that something would stick. Think clearly what would really make a position and a company a good fit for you. Be clear about things like whether you would be willing to relocate, the company’s values and if the people working there are actually happy. It is best to ask someone who has worked there before if you know them.

Hopefully above mentioned tips will help you in your job search in Delhi and NCR in 2018.

How to attract and retain great talents by any organisation

Attracting a great talent is not easy and once you attract them you cannot retain them just like that. Great talents want much more than a handsome salary for their job. Because they are talented so they keep looking for several options. Higher salary will help to attract them initially but cannot keep them loyal to your organization. So, you need to make sure that your organization is offering enough to great talents to attract them and retain them. If you are looking for great talents and want to hire recruitment services in Delhi NCR then you should consult us for that. Meanwhile, here are some ways to attract and retain great talents by any organization.


  1. Show the leadership

Great talents love to work for the leaders in the industry. New job seekers want to know where they are going to work and for whom. Even if your organization is not industry leader at the moment, the founders, promoter, senior executives, managers and other at authority position must be leading by examples to attract and retain great talents. They do their home-work before joining a company and so all the leadership position must have their house in order shown by their action.


  1. Growth opportunity

You must create an initial excitement for the candidate and then present them with exciting career growth. If your company is young then it may be even more challenging. You may not have put in an organizational structure in place for career path as it takes time and strategy but you can show them the potential of their growth and how they can get there then you can impress talents and retain them as well. You need to prove that they will be given right resources for their professional growth. We have our proven track record though when you look for recruitment services in Delhi NCR.


  1. Creative and problem solving approach

Great talents want to work where creativity and problem solving approach is a daily thing. If the candidate is sold the fact that there is creative thinking involved in your culture, this creates excitement and makes them feel connected to your organization otherwise a boring job cannot attract or retain talent for long. Similarly if the candidate is shown that your organization work on problem solving approach for each situation then the new talent will find your organization a great place to learn and grow in their career.


  1. Reward and recognition

These two things are quite essential for the motivation of employees. Reward and recognition both need to be extrinsic and intrinsic. Publicly appreciating employee acts great for extrinsic recognition and extrinsic reward has to be in the form of bonus and other praise. Similarly intrinsic motivation is even more vital. Employee must feel connected. When they know they will be involved in important things and if they are given autonomy, freedom and opportunity for personal growth then it works well to boost their motivation to do well for the organization.


  1. Sense of team work

Everybody loves to be part of a great team. It creates a sense of belonging. Team building has to be integral part of your work culture not a fabricated design. In every project or activity team oriented approach must be created and nurtured. Don’t think only big things require team work but as mentioned it should be part of the organization culture which means even small things like place where people sit, meetings, interaction with customer etc. matter equally.


If you want to attract and retain great talents then you should love your people so that they love you back and give their 100% too and to get them you can avail our recruitment services in Delhi NCR.

How to Successfully Change Careers

Taking a decision of change in career is not easy. You may not know whether it is your true calling, right move or you are just fed up of your current career situation. So, you need to think well before you finally take a call. Even though taking a call could be a long process but during this time you should prepare for what it would take to successfully change your career so that you make a strong start. However, you are not the only one who would do this as many before you have done it and many have succeeded as well. You can also follow some tips to successfully change your career.


  1. Don’t think that you are the only person in the world doing so

Sometime this thought may seem quite challenging as to what if you fail? You can take examples of people who changed their career and made it successful. You should also know that you may be changing your career more times in your life and this is just the first time. You need to be flexible and open to possibilities. You need to recognize your true calling based on kind of skills you enjoy and you are very good at, the environment where you would love to work and also the kind of people you want to work with.


  1. Go gradually

You may be compulsive when taking a decision to jump into your career change. This you should not do as this may turn out to be a disaster. When there is so much at stake like your settled job position, your financials and your social status then it is wise that you go gradually for your career change. You should work over time towards your new career. You can make changes in your current job, do a course in the evening, follow someone as your role model and learn new skills. Once you start doing it and you are looking for best jobs available in Delhi then you are going in right direction.


  1. Show your worth

Once you have done your preparatory steps well then you are ready to apply for a new job. But why would someone hire you in a changed career role? Well, you must show your worth. You have to walk the talk. You need to understand the keywords and language of the industry you are going into. Your CV has to be very crisp even though you might feel saying lot in your CV. You must show in your CV why and how you are well equipped for the job position which is different from your past experience. You need to show your research activities and skills learned to be eligible for the job.


  1. Network with people from your newly chosen industry

 Networking is important in all circumstances. Now when you have decided to change your career line then it is very important that you network with people who are doing well in the industry you have chosen to go into. You can learn from them, ask questions from them and follow their work ethics and career growth. You can talk to them about how the industry works and what it takes to be successful in the recruitment process.


  1. Believe and take steps

When you are comfortable in your career at least in terms of professional, financial and social success then people may advise you that don’t take a risk. But you know that you are not happy with what you have and you are meant for something else. Now you have got to believe it first and take steps to make things happen else failure is not far away. For example turning into a photographer from a successful banker might seem impossible or simple madness to many. But if you believe it and start learning the craft and then take baby steps to it then nobody can stop you.

Whether you are looking for best jobs available in Delhi when looking to change your career or anywhere in India or the world, above mentioned tips should work well for you.

6 strategies to recruit the best talent for a startup

Hiring is not easy and it is not easy for startup at all. Startup is simply a young company with limited cash flow and lack of resources.A single wrong recruitment can cost the startup big time. A new recruit in a startup has to be the best one who can bring the performance of a rock start for the startup. Cost and effort put behind a few early hiring in a startup has to be well in place to bring the right talent on board. So, when you are looking to recruit the best talent for your startup then you must have a sound strategy behind this and for best recruitment services in India you can consult us. Here are 6 strategies to recruit the best talent for startup.


  1. Time the hiring

Startup needs to recruit when it is absolutely time to recruit. New hiring is first an expense on which you expect the best return. So you must time the investment properly. As much as is important to fill key positions, equally important is to make sure your funds are being employed at the right time. This means startup must hire when the position that is being filled will bring more return than money invested on it and the startup cannot do without it anymore.


  1. Focus on your vision

 This is required to recruit best talent. In a new startup a great talent can be engaged with the mission and vision of the company. If the company is moving ahead with great vision with which it can engage the new recruit then only it is possible to get the best talent. A startup cannot pay fat paychecks. So the strongest excitement you can create is possible only through a great mission and vision.


  1. Choose the right place to recruit

It is not always possible to go traditional places of hiring because of time and cost restraint. You can explore deeper to get where the potential candidates are. You can present your job opening on selective job sites and on your own website. You can post your jobs on strong networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. Campus hiring can also be a good choice. You can also take services of select Recruitment services in India.


  1. Offer a compelling job

You want to get the best talent for your startup. You cannot offer big paycheck. So, you must offer a compelling job to talents out there. Show them that you are presenting a great job and growth opportunities to the candidates. Offer them free working environment and those who love taking responsibilities would enjoy it if you offer them the right job profile where the learning can outperform other lucrative parts of a job.


  1. You must be a great place to work

It cannot be a just a great promise to the talent. You must be really a great place to work else the recruited talent would take little time to leave your company. The focus and work culture must be friendly and growth oriented. Involve every employee in the day to day work which is quite possible as the team is short. It is proven that when people enjoy their jobs, co-workers, and environment they work harder, churn less, and add more value to your company.


  1. Use all platforms to talk about your company

 Great talents are not at a particular place. You also as a startup must promote your company, its work, vision, work culture and everything on as many platforms as possible. You can go to events, use select social media network, formal and informal network. Great talent follow great startups so when you are present strongly on these networks they might get attracted to your startup.

5 ways to improve your job search

Job search is not easy at all. At times it becomes frustrating. Securing a job does not happen just like that. It may take weeks and even months to secure a job. In this sense it is important that you know how you can improve your job search. If you are looking for jobs in India then Job search site in India can be very useful. And here are some ways applying which you can improve your job search.


  1. Research well

 Nothing important can be achieved without a proper research. Same is true when you are looking for a job. You can improve your job search if you make a well thought out research. You should research about exploring different career possibilities and about the potential employers etc. If you have made out your job search based on a solid research then your work will be quite easy going further.


  1. Update your resume

 Your resume is first point of contact between you and your potential employer. So, it is very essential that you send your updated resume to the hiring managers. Your resume should be on point containing relevant and up to date information. Before you apply for a job you should make sure that you list out all the information in resume in absolutely clear terms so that you get higher probability among piles of hundreds of applications.


  1. Explore your network

Generally, hiring managers start searching for talent from their own network first. This saves time and money for them and also gives them a chance to hire an appropriate candidate for their work profile. So, this becomes vital for job seekers also that they are active in knowing potential employers and being in touch with them. Apart from employers you should also be connected to your colleagues, friends and family members as they might know someone who is hiring in your field.


  1. Get active on social media

These days social media is the best and widest network one can be on. Every professional is active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media network. You as a job seeker should be active and connected to potential employers, your colleagues, friends, seniors and even others who can help you directly or indirectly in your job search or career growth. Social media network plays huge role apart from Job search sites in India in bringing employer and employee together.


  1. Apply with a recruitment agency

All other ways to improve your job search mentioned above are important but the traditional way of directly reaching an employer still remains very important. A good recruitment agency can help you find meaningful job in a rather quick time. The agency with huge experiences give you a platform where you just need to come in and apply and the professionals of the agency do the job search for you. They have more often than not access to jobs which are not visible to all and they also give you tips on interview and resume writings which make things easier for you.


When you want to improve your job search you can apply these tips along with constantly searching for jobs on Job search site in India.