5 ways to attract and recruit software developer

Techies have been in demand for two decades now. They are wanted by every company and the trend continues. India saw its early boom of software industry in early 21st century and since then demand for software developers has been there. This saw rise in number of software developers coming out of colleges as well. Thus recruiting software developer is also a challenge. So, the question is from talented lot of software developers how do you attract and recruit software developers for your company? Well, here are 5 ways to attract and recruit software developer.


  1. Start your search in the right direction

First thing for you is to know where you will get software developers. You can start with personal networking. Personal referrals still dominate the most productive source for hiring new talents. Then you can check on social media. Many developers are active with their blogs and may contribute as open source coder. You can follow their work and if you find their technical acumen a fit for your company then you can offer them the job position. If you are stuck then you can always consult best recruiting agency that have pool of talent.

  1. Once you know where they are you can write or call them

 Now you have found some talented software developers CVs. Now you can write personalize email informing them about what you are going to offer and why they should join your company. This way you can reach out to the prospects. In your email, try to keep the message a personalized one and keep it around the need of the candidate and not of the company. Alternatively you can call the prospect and put your message across. This allows you to establish an early connection with your prospect software developers.

  1. During the interview get the great developers

 Once you sent emails and talked to the candidates directly you ended up in calling them for interview. Now what? Now is the time to choose great ones from the lot. You are definitely looking for the best software developer for your company. So, your interview process is a chance to identify those people who are truly right for your company. You can follow a structured interview process. You need to know what exactly you are looking for in a candidate. For a software developer technical skill matters a lot. But don’t forget to check soft skills which are equally important.

  1. Sell a bright future to the candidate

This is true for every hiring and software developer hiring is no exception. You have got the candidates shortlisted after the interview but why should they join your company as they might have offers from other companies too and more importantly why they would stay loyal to your company for a long period of time. Changing jobs quickly is quite common and unless you sell a bright future to the candidate, he/she would not join your company or would leave the company the moment they get a better opportunity. For this you need to pay them well for sure but you also need to lay out a plan for them on how they can move up in your company,in the position and continue to grow in their career.

  1. Ask for referrals from selected ones

Already mentioned that referral is the best way to attract and hire not just software developers but other job candidates as well. This is the least expensive way and this also ensures highest quality of hiring. So, when you have a team of software developers you should keep asking them if they know others in their network who could be good for the company. However you need to note that referral programs can work best when marketed well within the company. So, there has to be rewards in terms of money and other gifts and experiences.

Today not just an IT company but every company needs a software developer. Retailers need them to build a shopping website for their company while manufacturers need them to build programs to make their factories more effective and efficient and healthcare companies also require software developers to build tracking tools to save lives of many. Thus, demand is there and everyone needs quality people for their company. So, while recruiting you have to spend time, money and energy. And for best results you can always take services of external recruiting agencies.