5 tips to choose an appropriate career path

Shaping your career right is a big concern not just for you but also for your loved ones. It is a fact that millions of people in the world are not able to achieve the true potential of their talent and skill and one of the reasons for this is that they don’t choose the right career path. So, how does one choose the right career path? Well, one has to choose a path based on few things and then take actions to make this decision right and if on the way they feel they made a wrong decision they can change it provided they can do so. So, here are some tips to choose an appropriate career path:


  1. Recognize your passion

This sounds a cliché but true at the same time that one who recognizes his/her passion early in their life have a better probability of choosing a career that they enjoy pursuing for a long time. So, to recognize your passion you can ask yourself as to what do you spend your time thinking about when you are doing something or not doing something. Ask yourself that what is it that you would like to still do after 10-20 years down the line. These questions will surely help you make the right decision to choose an appropriate career.


  1. Recognize your skillset/expertise

Being passionate is one thing and being an expert is another. Passion is at the thinking level but unless you convert your passion into a skill set that is at least suitable to start the career in that job profile, you should not rush to take a step. This also means converting an inherent talent that you have recognized into a skill that is good enough to accomplish a job that has demand in the outside world that includes industry.


  1. Recognizing your personality

If you know who you are then you can choose a profession accordingly. You can ask basic questions such as are you a strong-headed leader, a free and creative person or simply an executor. You can solve this puzzle through some personality tests as they give you further insight into your personality and they also confirm what you already know about yourself.


  1. Seeking help from mentors

Asking important questions from you is a good way but is not the only way because many of us are not always capable of doing so. In such situations, one can seek help and advice from their mentors or guides. Everyone in life has some mentors they look up to. So, you can also go to the people who you think are wise and have done well in their own life. You can also read stories of your heroes who inspire you before you choose your career path.


  1. Appear for several interviews

If you are looking for a job, you can clarify your career interests by appearing in for some interviews where you get a fair idea as to what is expected from you and whether you are ready for them or not. You can also talk to seniors who hold those positions which you are aspiring for which gives you good insight that you may not gather from any other source.

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How to write a powerful cover letter for job

As an employment seeker first thing you want to do is to impress your potential employer. A good cover letter gives you that chance. A cover letter for job is more than just a protective jacket for your CV. A cover letter can do two things. At best it can help the job seeker stand out from the rest and at the worst it can make even most promising candidate seem like an ordinary one. So, when you want to write a powerful cover letter then you should consider some guidelines which you find in this article.

It is known fact that your cover letter for a job is the first thing seen in your job application by a potential employer. If you present a sound cover letter then it doesn’t just support your CV but also allows you to stand out from the crowd and persuade the recruiter to put you through to the next round of hiring process.

You should not spend too many hours just on perfecting your CV at the expense of your cover letter. If you need some guideline on what to include and what format to use, you can find here some helpful guidelines.

You can follow some useful tips mentioned here to write a powerful cover letter.

  1. Don’t make your cover letter a repetition of your resume

Your cover letter should not be detailed description of your resume. You should use the cover letter to show your personality, curiosity and interest in the area of work you are applying for. You can put the history of your field or your company and highlight some important historical facts into your cover letter through which you can point out the fact that how much you are aware of the industry. You have kept a track of any changes taking place in the industry and you have successfully tackled it in the past or you are ready to be a part of this transformation in the future. You can put facts in a global sense even if you are applying for job openings in India.

  1. Keep it short

This is very important for every job seeker. Don’t waste time in putting lengthy exposition and put juicy things right away. You should not keep your cover letter more than a page at the maximum and try to keep it half a page if possible. Three paragraphs should be the maximum.

  1. Mention no one specifically

When you are applying for a new job you may not know who exactly you should address your cover letter to. You can simply go with the generic like ‘Dear HR Manager’. Only when you are sure who you should address to then mention the name and position otherwise you should not address anybody.

  1. Send your cover letter in PDF format

This is the current trend when it comes to format in which important official documents are being exchanged these days. PDF format does not require any one receiving it to convert it to any other format. PDF files cannot be easily tampered with and you also have more control over how it will appear on the screen of the recipient.

  1. Avoid obvious

When you are sending your cover letter for job you must not mention obvious things. So, you should not say in the letter ‘My name or I am ….. And I am applying for the position……. This is already known by the employer and you don’t need to repeat this.

If you keep these tips in mind when you are want to write a powerful cover letter while applying for a job openings in India or even globally, you have more chances of standing out from the crowd.