5 Things You Should Not Do While Job Searching

Job Search is a serious work. No matter how badly you need or you want a job, you definitely don’t want to land into a wrong one. Job Search is an essential part in which you need to do right things to get your dream job. There are plenty of opportunities available and sometimes the opportunities are limited as well. Like this there are many external factors. Some you can control some you cannot. In all situations you need to be sure of what exactly you are looking in a job. For job search there are some dos and some don’ts. So, here are 5 things you should not do while job searching.


  1. Don’t make unprofessional or incomplete resume

 Yes, when you are doing your job search sometime you wonder why you are not getting calls from companies. You need to go back to basics and check if you have posted resume in wrong format or an incomplete one. Both can reduce your chances quite dramatically. You can do research on latest trend of making resume and never forget to furnish all important details in your resume. You can also seek professional’s help to create a correct resume.


  1. Don’t rush in for a job position

It is often seen that people underestimate their own skills and experience. In a hurry of getting a job they also start searching for jobs which they don’t find themselves comfortable in. They are ready to compromise even before they appear for their preferred jobs and sometime they give up after few failures. This you should not do. When you believe in yourself then only others will believe you. But don’t compromise else you will land in a job where you will not give your hundred percent which is not a good for both your personal and organization’s growth.


  1. Don’t be too narrow in your job search

Sometimes in order to get your preferred job you limit your job search unknowingly. While it may be true that you are looking for specific job title but you need to know that different job employers have different title for same job duties. So, you must widen your job search and read job positions offered by companies in detail to check whether they fit into your scheme of things or not.


  1. Don’t fail in doing your home work

Doing your homework is most essential thing for your job search. You must be well informed about the industry, leaders of the industry and the companies you are looking to apply in. Only your skill and experience will not be enough to grab your dream job. Companies always prefer candidates who do their homework right because it shows their proactive approach and habit of preparing well for things to come in life.


  1. Don’t fail to follow up after the interview

Once your job interview is over you should not just sit and wait for a call from HR of the company. Following up gives you one more chance to make a good impression. Everyone likes to be appreciated. So, you should leave a quick thank you note. You can also send an email or make a phone call. It is a good way to show that you are thankful for the time and opportunity given by the company. Following up also allows you to mention anything that you feel you missed during your job interview.


Avoid These Common Mistakes Describing your Current Job

When you are looking to switch job then you go through a fresh interview. Interviewers ask you about your current job and company. When you are describing your current job you may make a mistake of saying anything negative about it. You should not make such mistake. You are looking to grow and you are looking for a better job opportunity which you see in a company for which you are sitting in the interview but that does not mean you need to say anything negative about your current job or company. This leaves a bad impression. Like this you should avoid some common mistakes when you are describing your current job. Here are those:


  1. You should not complain

 When you are asked why you want to move on from your current job then you should not start complaining about your current job. You should not say that you want to leave your current job because you have n numbers of bad things about it. Rather you should talk that you are looking for new opportunity and growth prospect which you feel this new company can provide you.


  1. Don’t say that you learnt nothing substantial from your current job

You should not say that that you want a new job because you got no or very limited learning from your current job. Rather you should talk about the things which you learned from your current job which helped you grow. But you want to switch because your current job and company cannot support your long term goals.


  1. Don’t use jargon too much

 Even if you are coming from a job which is quite technical in nature you should avoid using too many jargon during the job interview. Don’t think that by using too many jargon you would sound intelligent. In fact it may simple frustrate your interview. This leaves an impression that you are trying to cover up for the lack of knowledge with excessive use of jargons to look and sound smart which may not go your way.


  1. Don’t be shy talking about your contributions in your current job

Yes, you are looking for a new job, a better job. You might be sitting for an interview in a bigger company than your current one but that does not mean what you have done so far is of no meaning. You should talk about your contributions in your current job as much as required. This shows enthusiasm you have for your job and your self-confidence as well.


  1. Don’t talk bad about your boss

Many employees don’t have many good things to say about their boss behind their back and vice versa. But you should not make this mistake of saying anything negative about your boss. Actually even if you don’t like your boss if you see clearly you have learnt so many things from your boss and he/she has contributed in your career growth and as a person as well. So, talk positive about your boss if asked in your interview.


So, no matter what is your reason to leave your current job and going for a new one, you should definitely avoid these mistakes when you are describing your current job.

How to get the most out of your job interview

Job interview is a process of converting a prospect into a team member for an organization. Interview is a critical process and every company carries out a job interview process to meet the prospects. Interviewers ask questions and based on that key decision is made about the candidates. This is the reason why employers must have clarity about what they are expecting from the interview process. Let us see some points about how to get the most out of your job interview:


  1. Proposing clearly what is on offer

If you want to get the best man/woman working for your company then you must be able to clearly tell the candidates what the company is going to offer to successful ones. You also need to know the expectations of interviewees and when there is a good match between the expectation and the offering then the real objective of interview can be met. This means both interviewers and candidate must be on same page.


  1. Know the candidate well

Once the offer part is clear, knowing the candidate is super essential. This can simply be done by asking “tell me about yourself”. The question sounds simple and repeated in each interview but the importance of the question is huge. After asking the question interviewers must listen to the candidate with patience. Let them put their value proposition for the role. You have to find why the candidate thinks he/she is fit for the job. If one can articulate it well then you have a bright candidate in front you.


  1. Ask the follow up questions right

After knowing the candidate asking correct follow up questions is quite essential. Now the questions should be focused on knowing the candidate’s ability of how he/she will accomplish the job given to them. What they will do is important but even more important is to know how they will go about the job. This opens up many aspects of candidates.


  1. Focus on skills and other things

To get the best out of job interview employer must focus on knowing the core skills and other strengths of the candidates. Core skill is required to do the job well and other strengths are performing well in harsh situations. In crunch situations the real strength of an individual comes across. During the job interview you need to test this side of the candidates as well. This will let you know that if they are put through tough situations who are the ones able to sail through. This you can know by knowing their past wherein they have faced any of such scenarios and did well.


  1. Check how much ready is the candidate

Even if one is talented and has skills required for performing the job still right candidates must be prepared, interested and curious. You need to check how much research they have done about your company and the industry your company is in. A bright and interested candidate always does the preparation before they appear for the interview. They check crucial facts about the company, industry, competitors, SWOT etc.


So, if an employer keeps these points in mind then they can get the best out of a job interview.

Common Interview Questions And How to Answer Them

When you go for a job interview you prepare a lot. Preparation is good. It keeps you calm and better equipped to qualify for the interview. However you can be smart in preparation for your job interview. For this you can know that there are some common interview questions and how to answer them. Knowing the common questions asked in the interview does not mean that you have to memorize the answers. No, you cannot. You need to be true and ask yourself before you prepare the answers. If you do this then it will come across as a true answer to the interviewers. You can take services of Job counseling services in Delhi NCR for this also. For your help, here are some common interview questions and how to answer them.

  1. Tell us about yourself

This is most probably the first question you will be asked in your interview. This question is an ice breaker between the candidate and interviewers. When answering this question you have an opportunity to introduce yourself completely. But you should tell about yourself only those things that tell about your candidacy. How you are fit for the job is what you have to tell while answering this question.

  1. Why do you want this job?

This is very common question. When you answer this question keep in mind that you are being asked about the job and not you. So talk positive things about that job that attracts you. Don’t answer like why you need a job. You have an opportunity here to tell the interviewers that you have read about the job, you have given it a consideration and you understand what the job is, at least the basics of it.

  1. Tell us about your strengths

This question allows you to tell about your strengths in detail. However, if most of your strength that you are going to talk about matches with the job requirement and company culture then it will be great. That does not mean that you cannot tell about your other strengths. Don’t try artificially to suggest that you are perfect fit for the job. Be true and honest. Show that you are a team player and you can shine the best when you work alone as well. If your strengths meet the job perfectly then your chances goes higher of being selected.

  1. Where can you see yourself after 5 years?

People switch job very quickly these days. No company would like this as the cost of hiring a new talent is quite high. Apart from that they don’t want to incur cost of training and grooming an employee who soon after that will switch to another company. This is why when you answer this question you need to be smart. You cannot say for the sake of pleasing interviewers that you will remain in this job only. Instead of that you can say that five years down the line you would like to see yourself in your dream job. If company likes you so much then they will also work towards creating your dream job keeping your passion, interests and experience in mind.

  1. Why should we hire you?

This question is quite valid. Because there are many candidates applying for the job so the real question is what separates you from the rest. So, if you have gone through the job requirements and you can point by point match the skill, experience and strength required for it then it is a great start to answer this question. However how you are the best among the lot is a question that has to be answered mindfully. You can play a role of salesperson here who is pitching for him/her. Your selling ability will decide how best you can answer this question.

So, these are some common but important questions which you must prepare before you go for an interview. You got an idea how to answer them but if you need help then you can get it from reputed Job counseling services in Delhi NCR like us.


10 things to avoid in a job interview

Finding a right job interview is not easy in the first place and one should not mess it up by doing a wrong thing in a job interview. Those who get a chance to sit for a job interview in India in their dream company should know that showing up late, forgetting to bring a copy of your resume and not dressing appropriately are just some basic mistakes one must not make while going for a job interview. Now you may get away for some small mistakes but there are things which may cost you big and you should avoid them in a job interview. Here are 10 of them.


  1. Showing up at the wrong time at the interview

Reaching late for an interview is not acceptable unless a genuine reason is there. Equally however you should not show up too early at the interview either. This puts unnecessary pressure on the interviewer. Try to reach 15-20 minutes early. If you won’t be able to make it on time for some reason then you must inform your interviewer and get your job interview rescheduled.

  1. Speaking a lie

 If you think you can lie and get away with it easily then you are making a big mistake. Even if you have succeeded with it sometime in the past then also you cannot do it in a job interview. Interviewers are well experienced to catch your lie. So, never present a wrong fact or information in an interview.

  1. Answering a message or call during an interview

You simply cannot make this mistake during a job interview. By checking your phone message during an interview you are simply sending a message across that you are not serious about the interview. The best way to avoid this mistake is that you turn off your mobile phone for the duration of your interview.

  1. Arrogant appearance

The moment you appear arrogant, you simply raise the chance of being disqualified from the interview. Nobody likes this including hiring managers. You should assert about your view point, your accomplishments but keep a line between boasting and bragging. When you go for a Job interview in India you must make sure that no matter how much qualified or talented you are, no one owes you a job.

  1. Talking to only one person in the panel

This is also a mistake which you must avoid. If you are sitting in front of a panel then you cannot simply ignore certain people in the interview committee. It can definitely ruin the chances of you grabbing the job. If you are being interviewed by a panel of interviewers, make sure that you look at, talk to and engage with each person in the panel.

  1. Inappropriate dressing

When you dress inappropriately then you are sending a message across that you neither have respect for the people around nor for the situation you are in. Make a balance between overdressing and under dressing as either of them is not good. As the general trend is that most of the job interview in India takes place in an enclosed environment with sometime no windows, so you must avoid wearing too much scent.

  1. Passing on the bucks

You must take the responsibility and accountability of your actions. When asked about a challenge you faced you must show that you are responsible for what you did and what happened even if you had failed in tackling the challenge. Passing the buck onto others simply shows that you are an irresponsible person which hiring managers don’t like for sure.

  1. Poor communication

This mistake you must avoid. Companies are not looking just for skilled people but they also want a person who is pleasant to work with. So the right communication skill is highly expected from the candidate and showing poor communication and etiquette can count against you. Don’t speak in the middle of a question, don’t speak over an interviewer and if accidentally you make this mistake then you should immediately apologize for this.

  1. Taking telephonic or video interview casually

Many people make this mistake of thinking that they can afford to be casual if the interview is on phone or video as they are physically not present in the interview room. But this is a mistake you must avoid. These days many interviews are conducted on phone and video, so treating them less seriously can cause you a loss of opportunity. You should prepare well. You need to make sure to test out your microphone or camera beforehand. Also choose a quiet place to set up, and don’t take calls, oblige someone on the door or talk to anyone else during the interview.

  1. Poor body language

Poor body language during a job interview in India must be avoided. You cannot make mistakes like poor eye contact, no smile whatsoever, keeping your arms crossed over your chest etc. Your body language should show that you are confident but not disrespectful.