5 Hot Tips for a Productive Job Search in 2018

Job search is not the way it used to be when you read a vacancy in newspaper or on a poster or some friend told you about a position and you applied for it. These methods still work but you must be aware and explore latest avenues to do a productive job search in 2018. External situation do change and you need to adapt yourself but some key internal factors will remain same like you still need to be patience, focused and persistent while searching for a great job. If you are on a hunt of job search in Delhi and NCR then you should keep following hot tips for a productive job search in 2018.


  1. Embrace technology even in non-technical job profile

 Gone are the days when you thought that only IT job seekers need to be well versed with technology. The way communication has changed in recent years everyone needs to be very good in using technology for their work be it finance or HR or any other job vertical. You must be good in using all email platforms, search engines, related software and so on.


  1. Change your CV format not just update it

 Like technology, format and syntax also keep changing after an interval. Now when you prepare your CV you must prepare it in the latest format and syntax so that the employer gets a good impression about you. You should keep your CV short, sweet and to the point. You should add a summary section to your CV instead of adding an objective statement. Use pointers to highlight the key point and do include few latest professional accomplishments relevant to your targeted job.


  1. Build online network

 Talking to someone one phone and meeting one in person still plays a great role in creating strong bonds. But apart from this you must take advantage of social media platforms to create your social network. You should keep in touch with prospect employers, industry leaders, your role models (if they are available online as most of them are), your seniors, your juniors, your family members, relatives and one you want to be in touch with. You can always learn from them and get easy access to your dream jobs. You should do this if you are on job search in Delhi and NCR.


  1. Build your personal brand

This is very important. Action speaks louder than words and you need to let the world know about actions that brought you success. If you are passionate about life and your work it should reflect in your personality and then doing self-branding will only enhance it. Don’t think that by doing personal branding you are boasting about yourself, in fact you are benefitting employers to know about you and your achievements and thus helping them to hire a great employee for their company.


  1. Set your objective clear

People often compromise on their core expectations to grab a job initially and later on repent for their decision. If you know that you deserve a job then you should not randomly send out job applications hoping that something would stick. Think clearly what would really make a position and a company a good fit for you. Be clear about things like whether you would be willing to relocate, the company’s values and if the people working there are actually happy. It is best to ask someone who has worked there before if you know them.

Hopefully above mentioned tips will help you in your job search in Delhi and NCR in 2018.